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Cowgirl Phone and Go DIY Kit with Leatherific

Cowgirl Phone and Go DIY Kit with Leatherific

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Yeehaw, saddle up for a wild ride of creativity with our Hometown Cowgirl DIY Phone and Go Leather Crossbody Purse Kit! It's the rootin' tootin' ticket to crafting your very own Western-inspired full-grain leather phone purse. This ain't your ordinary purse, partner. You're the sheriff of style, and you get to call the shots with your unique design, thanks to our trusty Leatherific transfer paper. Your bag, your rules!

Inside the kit, you'll find everything you need to rustle up your own phone purse, purse charm, luggage tag, keychain, and even two sets of earrings for that extra flair. And here's the kicker – we've thrown in some extra leather for you to add that fabulous fringe at the bottom of your Phone and Go purse. Talk about fringe-tastic!

Now, here's where it gets really interesting. You can choose your accent color for the back panel. We've got six stunning options, including 3 US oil-tan leathers and 3 hair-on hides. Your Western purse, your style, your way – it's like choosing your trusty steed for a rodeo!

But the fun doesn't stop there. To put it all together, you can harness the power of an industrial sewing machine for precision and durability, or saddle up for some good old hand sewing if you don't have one. Our Hometown Cowgirl DIY Phone and Go Leather Crossbody Purse Kit is built to create a purse that's not just easy on the eyes but tough as a bull rider!

And if you're worried about getting lost on the trail, don't fret. We've got comprehensive instructions on our Hometown Leatherworks YouTube channel. Whether you're a seasoned cowgirl or a greenhorn in the leather crafting world, you'll be wrangling up a professional-looking purse that'll have folks hollerin' "Howdy, where'd you get that?"

So, let out your inner cowgirl, partner, and lasso up a Western masterpiece that's as unique as the lone star in the Texas sky!



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What is included in the Leatherific Transfer Paper and Veg Tan Leather Bundle?

The bundle includes three 8 1/2" by 11" sheets of Leatherific Transfer Paper, one cover sheet, along with three high-quality full grain Veg Tan leather sheets of the same size.

How does the transfer process work?

Once you've turned your printer into a magic wand with our Leatherific Transfer Paper, it's showtime! Peel off the paper's cloak, reveal the design, and place it on the leather catwalk – print side up, darling! Top it off with a cover sheet because, let's face it, every design deserves its own red carpet.

Now, here comes the grand finale – the infusion! Whether you're using a heat press (at a sizzling 265 degrees, of course) or channeling your inner superhero with an iron on the wool/silk setting, make those leather dreams come true. No steam, though – this isn't a spa day for your leather.

Hold your breath, count to 15, and voilà! Your design is now part of the leather elite. Let it cool, unveil your masterpiece, and bask in the glory of your custom leather project. It's like crafting with a touch of enchantment – because who says leather can't have a little magic? 🎩✨🔥

Is the Veg Tan leather suitable for crafting projects?

Absolutely! Our Veg Tan leather in the is basically the superhero of crafting materials. Whether you're into tooling, carving, embossing, or just making art that even your grandma would frame, this leather is the VIP backstage pass to crafting stardom. It's smooth, it's versatile, and it's ready to turn your creative dreams into reality! 🦸‍♂️✨🎨

Is the Veg Tan leather pre-treated or finished?

Nuh-uh! Our Veg Tan leather is like a blank canvas waiting for your artistic genius. It doesn't come pre-treated or finished. feel free to wet it, mold it, carve it, paint it, "Leatherific" it - it's up to you!🎨✂️🤘

Can I use Leatherific Transfer Paper on other types of leather?

Leatherific Transfer Paper is like a crafting VIP for Veg Tan leather, strutting its stuff with style. But hey, it's got a wild side – it might work its magic on other smooth, light-colored leathers too. Just beware, leather types are like unpredictable Tinder dates; results may vary. Fasten your seatbelt for a fab crafting adventure! 🌟✨👜